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MARC Records

Gale is able to provide MARC records for ebooks that are available in two databases – Gale eBooks and National Geographic Kids. You are welcome to download the records to your library catalog to provide additional discovery and access points for those ebooks.

Gale eBooks MARC Records

In August 2023, additional Gale eBooks titles were added to the statewide collection. If you previously added Gale eBooks MARC records to your catalog, please refresh your list. Be sure to remove records for titles that are no longer available statewide.

This spreadsheet lists all of the current statewide Gale eBooks titles. The labels in the Code, Audience Level, and Interest Level columns may be helpful in deciding which MARC records to download. This list of titles formerly available statewide may be useful to know which records to delete. Notice the “no longer available” tab.

To retrieve MARC records for Gale eBooks titles, download the relevant audience set(s). Note that when a title's interest levels span two audience levels, that title will appear in both audience sets. Or, if you would prefer to build your own set, follow the directions in the Downloading Ebook MARC Records section.

MARC Records by Audience

Audience MARC Format (.mrc) MRC Format (.txt) List of Titles
Elementary Download Download Download
Middle School Download Download Download
High School Download Download Download
College / Academic Download Download Download

Downloading Ebook MARC Records

*K-12 library staff: If you do not know your Gale username, contact Jen Maurer, School Library Consultant, State Library of Oregon.

National Geographic Kids Ebook MARC Records

These are the MARC records for most of the ebooks available in National Geographic Kids. If you only need records for the newest books that were added, you will find those in the section below. There is also a title list that identifies all of the NGK ebooks by title, copyright year, and audience level.

National Geographic Kids: All MARC Records

Records MARC Format (.mrc) MRC Format (.txt)
All Titles Download Download


National Geographic Kids: MARC Record Updates

If you previously downloaded the MARC records for the National Geographic Kids ebooks, you only need records for the newest NGK titles. Follow the instructions outlined in the All MARC Records section above, but use these files instead.

Month # of Titles MARC Format (.mrc) MRC Format (.txt)
Apr 2024 16 Download Download
Oct 2023 17 Download Download
May 2023 30 Download Download
Oct 2022 33 Download Download
Nov 2021 34 Download Download
Feb 2021 11 Download Download
Aug 2020 15 Download Download
Apr 2020 63 Download Download
Aug 2019 50 Download Download
Feb 2019 25 Download Download
Aug 2018 29 Download Download
Feb 2018 30 Download Download
Aug 2017 50 Download Download
Feb 2017 22 Download Download
Nov 2016 5 Download Download
March 2016 32 Download Download
March 2015 30 Download Download